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We help many students through the university find solutions and answers to concerns they may have. We are very committed into helping members find their best possible answers with the boost of other students wanting to support you.

There are many forums to choose from, but what makes us so special? Our exclusive focus on Huddersfield university students, to allow them to bond over similar interest while still studying. We completely understand the importance on similar interests and having the same daily problems occur, therefore our forum provides students that share their tips and tricks.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our forum provides a safe, anonymous and secure way to connect with people of your choice based on similar topics and interests.

    Yes it is free to become a member and you will have full access to the features on the forum.

    Just click on forgotten password link and then fill the form and follow the instructions. You should get an email that allows your to reset your password.

    Yes, if you go to your account details on your profile and follow the instructions on change my password.

    Yes you must make a profile in order to interact with other users. You can’t communicate or search profiles otherwise.

    Yes, you can go to the settings in your profile and change your setting from ‘Visible’ to ‘Hidden’. You can switch back whenever you wish.

    Yes, if you click here whilst you are logged into the forum it will take you to the delete page and you will be able to delete your profile.